Queenslander Home Builders Guide

Queenslander homes come in many shapes and designs, all homes have the potential for a great renovation. You might want to extend the indoor space and make your living area more open plan. You might also want to utilise the dead space under the house and create a multi-level dwelling. There are plenty of clever ways to bring the classic Queenslander in to the now – in the following, we discuss it.

  1. JDL Construction (Queenslander Renovations Brisbane) are the Building Professionals:

When recruiting your design and build team, surround yourself with creative, innovative and strategic minds. A professional will govern how smoothly your renovation will run, so choose carefully. Choose a builder and architect who are experts in Queenslander home renovations; these professionals will understand the pros and cons of renovating, as well as the potential of your house.

  1. Check Lists for Queenslander Homes:

Make sure you call a local town planner to check on the relevant building and suburb restrictions before you purchase or begin your renovation plans. You need to check if the house is listed on any character or heritage registers. If it is, you will need to get permission from the council to allow renovations to begin.

  1. The Queenslander Homes ‘Problem’ Areas:

Queenslanders have many great qualities, but they also have their pitfalls, and unless you’re buying an already renovated home, you can expect a big task at hand! These houses often have limited space, limited temperature control (they can be too cold in winter and too hot in summer), limited light, space and storage options, and lack many modern key design areas. However, with the help of an experienced architect or building designer, these problems can be solved!

  1. Period Features:

Queenslander homes often feature original heritage detailing. It could be as simple as an Art Deco door handle or as significant as French doors, fretwork and pressed-metal ceilings. These are a connection to history and shouldn’t be completely lost to modernism. We must embrace the original architecture and features. We work hard to incorporate these unique design qualities with modern luxuries to create the family home you want.

In the end, we can say that we love the challenge and we get a lot of pleasure in bringing an old Queenslander right up to date. We are the builders of Northgate, Newmarket, Stafford, Brighton and Hamilton (and surrounds).  We would love to discuss the renovation or restoration of your Queenslander – so please get in touch!